Sunday, February 27, 2011


Two nights ago i had to pick Robbie up from his team leaders condo downtown in Nashville since one of our cars is temporarily out of commission. While driving around nashville to kill some time (a bad storm was on its way and i didn't want to get stuck in bad weather two towns over) my car was starting to over heat. Now this is partly my fault... I was looking for this record store and got lost because it was dark and everything looks backwards to me at night. So naturally, from having to stop so often, my car started over heating.
I went ahead to the condo that Robbie would eventually be at and just sat in the dark parking lot for about an hour reading David Plats "Radical". The orange glow of the street lights brought back memories of when i was in my mid to late teens, and early twenties. That familiar glow was my sun for so many years. Most of my memories are painted in orange.

I don't know how much i believe or even understand about david plats book, but i do know that i appreciate the discussions after reading a chapter with my small group. And through that discussion i learn more about what we just read than what the author was trying to convey- and im learning the two sides of the argument that i would never have picked up on this early in my faith.
What i do know is that being a christian isn't easy. Who ever said it was wasn't telling the truth.