Saturday, March 27, 2010

Worldmarket is my new favorite online store.

These multicolored mugs make kitchen living look simple.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Towel Days

Buying towels has been a challenge. Not because of the pattern or design.. My experience has always resulted in returning them. Maybe i'm just getting cheap towels, but when i would wash them, the little fibers would get everywhere. This might be happening because I've only tried getting them at walmart..

I had this brilliant idea once to go to walmart at 3:00am on black Friday to get new towels. (the ones marked down to 3 dollars, as if that wasn't a big enough clue that these would be horrendous) Again, these were returned within days with the exception of one that ended up getting bleached on accident.

Bad experience with towels. I stick with handmedown towels. They're guaranteed not to shed.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kitty suitcase

As soon as i saw this i couldn't imagine my cat's life without it. ha
It doesn't look all to hard to make.
step 1: find a "vintage" suitcase. thriftstore.
step 2: make a pillow with my favorite pattern.
step 3: watch the dumpsters for old furniture being thrown away and take the legs
step 4: put it all together. Find cat.

Ankle Spats?

I've been roaming the internet finding some really cool things that i would like and try to make myself. Random things like a suitcase bed for a cat, to a dress that i'd like to figure out how to make. I have a habit of seeing things i like and thinking "I can do that!" and then i never do.
This can hold me accountable to a certain degree and give me a place to host the things i find most intriguing.

Now Ankle Spats? Totally new to me. I think they're super cute, and i've seen them on people but never had a clue as to what they were, or called. I always thought it was apart of the shoe but NO.
These could easily be made. I found a pair of crocheted ones.

too cute.