Friday, July 16, 2010

Body Absorbs 5 Lbs of MakeUp Chemicals Per Year

And that's just makeup. What about the lotions, sunblock/sunscreen, spray tans, perfumes, deodorants, shampoo and conditioners, etc. How many pounds of chemicals would all of that added up come out to be? No wonder people are so lethargic. We are slowly and continuously poisoning ourselves.
So then what? What do you do when everything around you has a laundry list of ingredients?
it's called being proactive. Common sense tells me that if i don't understand what something is, go look it up. Or if an Oreo has way too many things listed in it that i can't pronounce, then I probably shouldn't eat it.
My husband Robbie and I started taking vitamins that he researched and got from New Zealand, and we've been juicing for dinner about 3-4 times a week. I haven't felt this good in a long time. It's so stupid that all we had to do was eat whole foods, and take some quality vitamins to feel healthy. Why are so many people eating garbage day in and day out? because it's an addiction. The chemicals in those food's make you want it. How sick.
By no means am i a perfect example. I love McDonald's. I hate that i love McDonald's. I totally believe it's the crap that's in their food which pisses me off even more. I hate driving by the big golden arches. I hate seeing lines of people in there. I hate that their fries aren't even potatoes. I hate that their beef isn't even beef. I hate that they market to kids. Yeah, throw some apples in because that will make it all better.
Just sayin.